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  • Jurassic Park Run - Virtual RunningJurassic Park Run - Virtual Running

    100% of the profits on this medal will now go towards providing food for vital NHS workers and the vulnerable in this time of COVID-19 lockdown.  This means for every £15 spent, roughly £10 will go straight to frontline needs, not via a charity, but directly.  We don’t know exactly how this will work yet, but we envisage that we’ll be delivering food to workers/vulnerable peoples front doors, or delivering to hospitals to feed staff.

    We are not making any money from our time, the profits are purely the medal cost minus materials costs, postage costs, and website hosting cost.

    This is the only medal we have now, but we would love to make more for the same cause if these sell out quickly.

    Important: We are not encouraging you to go out and run as part of a group, or to run in any way that goes against government guidelines.  Do not endanger yourself or others.  Run this at home if you can.  This used to be a 5k race, frankly right now, we don’t care how far you run… We want to encourage people to exercise but do it responsibly!  If you feel like you deserve this medal for making a real effort to exercise and get fix in the circumstances… then get it!


    Run this virtual race to earn yourself an awesome (or roarsome!) dinosaur themed medal!

    Need some motivation when exercising?  Imagine being chased by a T-Rex whilst you sprint your way to the finish line!  And no, we’re not expecting you virtual runners to run 65,000,000 miles for this beauty of a medal, complete the race by running, walking or crawling 5k anytime, anywhere, at any pace.

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