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  • £14.00 £9.99

    Run this virtual race to earn yourself an awesome (or roarsome!) dinosaur themed medal!

    Need some motivation when exercising?  Imagine being chased by a T-Rex whilst you sprint your way to the finish line!  And no, we’re not expecting you virtual runners to run 65,000,000 miles for this beauty of a medal, complete the race by running, walking or crawling 5k anytime, anywhere, at any pace.  Maybe jog round your local (Jurassic) Park run on a Saturday morning!

    What’s even better, is that a percentage of the proceeds from the race go towards raising money for charity.  The chosen charity for this running challenge is the Evelina London Children’s Hospital.  The more entries to the race we get the higher the amount of money we can commit to this awesome charity!  So don’t forget to share your running experiences and race medal using the hashtags below!

    #JurassicParkrun #Rundraise #VirtualRaces #VirtualRunning

  • Rememberance Day Virtual Race 5k ThumbnailRemembrance Day Virtual Race 5k

    We’re also producing new medal designs, keep up to date via our social media feeds!